Official Rules

  1. All participants must have be pre-registered by 12:30 a.m. Monday, June 25 in order to participate. Event tickets are available here:
  2. All participants must have a valid Eventbrite ticket to be admitted to the competition area. Ticket may be printed or virtual.
  3. Only event participants and volunteers are permitted in the competition area.
  4. Event check-in will begin at 11:30 a.m. Registered participants may enter through any of the four entrances. Participants not in line by noon may be denied admission to the competition area.
  5. Participants wishing to compete with friends or family must enter the competition area as a group. No saving of spots in the competition area is permitted. Once participants enter the competition area, they must remain in the competition area until the competition is complete.
  6. Participants will be divided into sections of no more than 18 participants.
  7. All participants must sign a liability release and verbally acknowledge that they have read and understand these rules before they are permitted to compete.
  8. All participants must stand during the competition, with these exceptions: Participants too short to reach the table may use a stool and participants who have a disability that prevents them from standing or makes it unduly difficult to stand may sit. Participants meeting these exceptions must bring their own stools and chairs. Event organizers will not provide them.
  9. Each participant will be provided with 20 watermelon balls on a plate.
  10. When the starting horn sounds, participants may begin eating. Participants may use one or both hands, but the plate must remain on the table at all times.
  11. The first participant in each section to completely swallow all 20 of their watermelon balls, as determined by that section’s official steward, will be declared the winner of their section. To aid stewards, participants are asked to raise one arm when they are starting to eat their final melon ball, and raise their second arm when they have completely swallowed their final melon ball.
  12. All section winners will advance to a championship round following the same rules, and the winner of the championship round will be declared the overall champion.
  13. Participants who violate any of these rules or who do not attempt to eat any of their watermelon will be disqualified and not count toward the total required to set the Guinness World Record.
  14. The decision of stewards is final.